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SCREEN PROTECTOR ML600 2/PK / Защитная пленка для экрана контроллера Microlab 600

The Microlab 600 screen protector is designed to protect the controller screen from chemical damage if a spill occurs. Chemicals can easily be wiped off the surface of the screen protector to limit exposure. This is an accessory that is recommended when users are working with chemicals that could potentially harm the color touch screen user interface.

Chemical Compatibility

The screen protector used on the ML600 is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Tests were performed with chemicals known to cause damage to PET. The testing procedure included analyzing the surface for damage after chemical testing. The screen protector was placed on a flat surface and a 100 µL drop was added to the surface. The drop remained on the screen protector for approximately 10 minutes. This drop was then wiped off the screen protector and analyzed for damage. In an additional test this procedure was repeated with a time interval of 24 hours. The screen protector is compatible at a good rating with the chemicals listed below.

The following table contains information about chemical reactivity with the MICROLAB 600 system at room temperature:

Acetic acid, 99.7%
Ammonia, aqueous solution 10%
Aqua regia*
Butyl acetate
Calcium chloride, 10%
Carbon tetrachloride
Chloroform, 99.6%
Citric acid
Clophene A60, 50%
Diesel oil
Ethanol 96%
Ethyl acetate
Ethyl ether
Formic acid, aqueous solution 10%
Freon, frigen, liquid
Fruit juices
Glysantin, aqueous solution 40%
Heating oil
Heptane, hexane
Hydrochloric acid, aqueous solution 37%
Linseed oil
Methyl ethyl ketone
Methylene chloride 99.5%
Nitric Acid, concentrated 68 – 70%
Paraffin oil
Phosphoric acid, concentrated
Potassium dichromate, aqueous solution 10%
Potassium Hydroxide 50% 0.5 normal
Potassium permanganate, aqueous solution 1%
Pyridine 3 soloution, aqueous solution
Silicone oils
Soap solution, aqueous solution
Sodium Hydroxide 50% 0.5 normal
Sodium carbonate, aqueous solution 10%
Sodium chloride, aqueous solution 10%
Sodium nitrate, aqueous solution 10%
Sodium thiosulphate 10%
Sulphur dioxide
Sulfuric Acid, 95.5 – 96.5 % Concentrated
Tetrahydrofurane 99.9%
Transformer oil
Wax, molten
Zinc chloride, aqueous solution 10%

*Composition 3:1 68-70% concentrated nitric acid: 95.5 – 96.5% concentrated sulfuric acid

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SCREEN PROTECTOR ML600 2/PK / Защитная пленка для экрана контроллера Microlab 600Наименование: SCREEN PROTECTOR ML600 2/PK / Защитная пленка для экрана контроллера Microlab 600.
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